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About Us

It all started in the early 1900's. A fashion designer on Manhattan's Lower East Side used her talents to create fashion forward children's pieces with old world charm. Almost a century later we are continuing the legacy and have inherited a flare for designing and crafting children's accessories that add a touch of class and refinement to the modern clothing styles. 
In a world of fast-fashion an Heirlooms piece makes a refreshing statement. Every one of our pieces is individually designed and hand crafted right here in New York. We strive to design pieces that are timeless, true heirlooms that can be worn from one generation to the next. Fashion is in our genes and we are committed to our mission of crafting bows, headbands, and accessories that will make your child exude confidence and elegance.
Your child is an individual, help them to express their personal style by finishing off their look with an Heirloom's accessory. In a world where there are an abundance children's accessories but a lack of quality and class; we strive to make pieces that are masterfully crafted, timeless and chic.